5 Myths About Car Hauling Debunked

Jun 5, 2023

When it comes to car hauling, there are quite a few myths and misconceptions circulating in the market. Unfortunately, these myths can lead to misunderstandings about car transportation services, which can discourage potential customers from using auto transport companies. To clear the air and set the record straight, we’ve debunked the top 5 most common myths about car hauling.

Myth #1: Car hauling companies are too expensive

This is perhaps one of the most widespread myths about car transportation. Many people assume that auto transport is an expensive option reserved only for luxury cars or specific needs. However, the truth is that car hauling prices are affordable and often cheaper than driving your car to a far destination. Many auto transport companies offer flexible pricing, so you can find an option that suits your budget.

Myth #2: Car haulers aren’t licensed and insured

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every car hauling company is required by law to have a license and insurance to operate. Before booking a car haul, make sure to verify that the provider has valid credentials and insurance.

Myth #3: It’s complicated to ship a car

Shipping a car can seem daunting, but the process itself is quite straightforward. All you have to do is contact a car hauling company, get a quote, and book an auto transport. The car hauler will take care of the rest – from picking up the car to delivering it to your desired destination.

Myth #4: Car transportation takes too long

While delivery time can depend on various factors such as distance and route, car transportation services are generally faster than driving the car yourself. With auto shipping, you can save time and energy and have your car delivered directly to your doorstep.

Myth #5: Car transportation is risky for your car

With the right auto transport company, shipping a car is safe and secure. Car haulers use specialized equipment to protect your car while it’s in transit. Plus, reputable auto transport companies have insurance and policies in place to compensate for any damage or loss during transport.

In conclusion, car transportation services are a reliable and cost-effective option for car owners, auto dealers, and online car buyers. Experienced auto transport companies like CarGo Car Transportation Service offer a range of services to meet your needs, from enclosed auto shipping to international car transportation. By debunking these commonly held myths about car transportation, we hope to help potential customers feel more confident about booking an auto transport.